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Important Aspects of a Professional Video

August 29, 2017

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Important Aspects of a Professional Video

August 29, 2017

Having a commercial for your business is important. Having that commercial look professional is even more important. There are many elements that are crucial to the production of a professional video. Listed below are 4 of the most important elements to consider when you think about developing your professional commercial!




1. The Story

What's a good commercial without a compelling story? Think of your favorite commercials. What story were they telling? How did it make you feel? A professional video should make you feel something (and not confusion)! Do you want your audience to laugh (one of my favorite commercials is the Doritos Goat For Sale Superbowl Video. Think of your brand, and the feeling you want to invoke when your audience thinks of it.




2. "The Look"

 This is a big one. It basically refers to how your commercial looks, whether people are viewing it online, or on their TVs. You want your commercial to look good, so think of what aspects make up a professional looking video. You need a good director, who can analyze the script and think of how best to bring your story to life. You need an experience director of photography, who works in tandem with the director to set up camera angles and lighting, to make the most pleasing looking image possible. These are just two of the crew members who are vital to delivering you a polished product.



3. Great Sound

I know, sound seems like an afterthought when you consider how many other elements go into making a video. Making sure your image is beautiful is important, but sound is often overlooked, or taken for granted. Even the most beautiful video can be ruined by echoey, unclear sound. If your audience can't understand what the people in your video are saying, how will they know if they want to do business with you? You need to make sure that all the audio elements of your video are crystal-clear.




4. Editing

Once your video has been shot, it's time for the edit. Editing can be a time consuming process, and it's very important to make sure you take care of crucial elements such as color correction, and audio syncing. Editors will also help with incorporating aspects such as sound effects and music. They are responsible for making sure everything comes together. It's said that the story of your commercial is told three times-the first time being the initial script, the second being the director on set bringing the script to life, and the third being the editor, who puts everything together and provides a fresh eye to the project.






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